Summer break and the future plans

August is a great month. Everyone can find the way to relax, but it means less time for working and writing. I should now publish a new post, but I am enjoying my break. I try to keep the two weeks between each article – it’s obvious to me that systemic is one of the most important things in blogging. Unfortunately, summer doesn’t help in regularly writing. I have begun some posts, but I can’t complete anyone of them. On the other hand, I don’t want to decrease the quality. On the contrary, I would like to publish articles which will be getting better. So I decided to slow down, at least until the September.

I have many ideas, mainly concerning Terraform. I will bet the new version of this fantastic tool will be released in August. This is not good news for me because one of the topics I would like to describe is the new Terraform reality. I have just informed you that version 0.10 will be a crucial point. Hashicorp decided to separate the core of the Terraform from the Providers. I am sure many people will have initially some problems with the environment configuration, so I want to write few tips and tricks.

Other topics in my mind are: creating the multiple vSphere VMs with Terraform and using Terraform with Jenkins and Ansible. I love those tools and it would be great if I could share my experience with you. But it has to wait for the end of the summer. And the end of the relaxing. 🙂 So I have not forgotten about my blog, it’s just only the temporary silence. Have a nice summer and I will see you later!

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