Terraform 0.9.0-beta2 was released

Terraform 0.9.0-beta2 was released on 2nd March 2017. It contains some bug fixes (including 0.9.0-beta1 fixes), two features and six improvements. At the same time Hashicorp has released version 0.8.8, which contains, among other, a new provider – Spotinst. Also 0.8.8 version of Terraform introduces a new interpolation – slice. Slice allows you to get “the portion of list between from (inclusive) and to (exclusive)”. Syntax of this interpolation is simple – slice(list, from, to). Moreover there are some new Resources and Data Users and lot of bug fixes. Below you can see the full Release Notes for both versions.

If you need more information (e.g. links to the Issues and Pull Requests) you can check the official Terraform repository.

Full changelog of Terraform 0.9.0-beta2

  • provider/azurerm: scale_sets os_profile_master_password now marked as sensitive
  • provider/azurerm: sql_server administrator_login_password now marked as sensitive
  • provider/google: storage buckets have been updated with the new storage classes. The old classes will continue working as before, but should be migrated as soon as possible, as there’s no guarantee they’ll continue working forever. (#12044)
  • provider/dnsimple: Provider has been upgraded to APIv2 therefore, you will need to use the APIv2 auth token
  • State Environments: You can now create named “environments” for states. This allows you to manage distinct infrastructure resources from the same configuration.
  • helper/schema: Added Timeouts to allow Provider/Resource developers to expose configurable timeouts for actions
  • core: “terraformrc” can contain env var references with $FOO
  • command: Display resource state ID in refresh/plan/destroy output
  • provider/aws: AWS Lambda DeadLetterConfig support
  • provider/azurerm: Mark the azurerm_scale_set machine password as sensitive
  • provider/azurerm: Mark the azurerm_sql_server admin password as sensitive
  • provider/dnsimple: Upgrade DNSimple provider to API v2
  • core: targeting will remove untargeted providers
  • core: doing a map lookup in a resource config with a computed set no longer crashes
0.9.0-beta1 FIXES:
  • core: backends are validated to not contain interpolations
  • core: fix local state locking on Windows
  • core: destroy provisioners dependent on module variables work
  • core: resource destruction happens after dependent resources’ destroy provisioners
  • core: invalid resource attribute interpolation in a destroy provisioner errors
  • core: legacy backend loading of Consul now works properly
  • command/init: allow unsetting a backend properly
  • command/apply: fix crash that could happen with an empty directory
  • command/refresh: fix crash when no configs were in the pwd
  • command/{state,taint}: work properly with backend state
  • providers/terraform: remote state data source works with new backends

Full changelog of Terraform 0.8.8

  • provider/aws: Potential breaking change for root_block_device (#12379)
  • New Provider: spotinst
  • New Interpolation: slice
  • New Data Source: aws_sns_topic
  • New Data Source: openstack_images_image_v2
  • New Resource: aws_elastic_beanstalk_application_version
  • New Resource: aws_cloudwatch_log_destination
  • New Resource: aws_cloudwatch_log_destination_policy
  • New Resource: aws_codepipeline
  • New Resource: aws_egress_only_internet_gateway
  • New Resource: datadog_user
  • New Resource: digitalocean_loadbalancer
  • New Resource: openstack_images_image_v2
  • New Resource: openstack_compute_floatingip_associate_v2
  • provider/aws: Add support for AWS EBS Elastic Volumes
  • provider/aws: Allow aws_instances to be resized rather than forcing a new instance
  • provider/aws: Report bucket name in S3 Error message
  • provider/aws: Implement IPV6 Support for ec2 / VPC
  • provider/aws: Add support for import of aws_elasticsearch_domain
  • provider/aws: improve redshift cluster validation
  • provider/aws: Support IAM role attachment and replacement for existing EC2 instance
  • provider/azurerm: Auto base64encode virtual_machine custom data
  • provider/datadog: add support for new host delay to the datadog_monitor resource
  • provider/datadog: Upgrade to Datadog API v2
  • provider/fastly: Make Backends optional if used in VCL
  • provider/fastly: Add support for custom response_object
  • provider/google: Add support for maintenance window in sql_database_instance
  • provider/google: google_project supports billing account
  • provider/openstack: Don’t allow floating IP and port
  • provider/openstack: Enable HTTP Logging
  • provider/openstack: Add Additional Targets for LBaaS v1 Member
  • provider/openstack: Redesign openstack_blockstorage_volume_attach_v2
  • provider/pagerduty: Import support for service integrations
  • provider/pagerduty: Updated implementation of pagerduty_vendor & pagerduty_service_integration
  • provider/random_id: Add prefix attribute
  • provider/statuscake: Add support for Port in statuscake_test
  • core: Fix a hang that could occur at the end of a Terraform command with custom plugins used
  • command/fmt: Fix incorrect formatting with single line object following complex object
  • command/state: -backup flags work with mv and rm
  • provider/aws: add bucket name to delete error notification
  • provider/aws: Use proper Set for source.Auth in resource_aws_codebuild_project
  • provider/aws: aws_ecs_service should output service name along with err
  • provider/aws: Add VRRP to allowed protocols in network ACL rules
  • provider/aws: Add owner_account option to aws_redshift_cluster
  • provider/aws: Update of inspector_assessment_target should use ARN not Name
  • provider/aws: Fix the panic in ssm_association with parameters
  • provider/aws: Fix update of environment_variable in codebuild_project
  • provider/aws: Refresh aws_autoscaling_schedule from state when autoscaling_group not found
  • provider/aws: No longer ForceNew resource on lambda_function runtime update
  • provider/aws: reading multiple pages of aws_efs_file_system tags
  • provider/aws: Refresh cloudwatch log subscription filter on 404
  • provider/aws: more details on which s3 bucket had an error
  • provider/azurerm: Ignore case on protocol and allocation types
  • provider/cloudflare: add validation for proxied record types
  • provider/datadog: Adding default values to datadog_monitor
  • provider/google: make local_traffic_selector computed
  • provider/google: Write the raw disk encryption key in the state file to avoid diffs on plan
  • provider/google: fix url map test and update logic
  • provider/openstack: Rename provider to loadbalancer_provider
  • provider/pagerduty: Setting incident_urgency_rule as optional
  • provider/profitbricks: Fixing how primary_nic is added to profitbricks server
  • state/azure: add environment option for non-public cloud usage

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