Force pods to restart when configmap is changed

Maybe some of you use Helm to make a new release of your application hosted on Kubernetes. Maybe some of you use just simple yaml manifests because Helm is too much for you. It doesn’t matter in our today topic, as this problem can be faced independently on what tool you use. In most cases, when you update ONLY a configmap, your pods won’t recognize that (especially when the content of the configmap is loaded to memory during pod start). One of the old ways to handle that is to create new configmap, add a new ID to your pods’ Continue reading

Update git config recursively

Git is the must-have tool for almost all IT positions. No matter if you’re Developer, Release Engineer or maybe classy SysOp, you arguably have to use git (or any other Source Control tool). I use git, so I can tell you have I solved my problem with working with multiple git configurations. You know, when you work only for one company, it’s not a big deal – especially when you have business devices. One configuration, one account, and no problems. But the situation changes once you need to work for multiple companies and you are a part of multiple teams Continue reading