Why I decided to migrate my blog from VPS to hosting?

When I decided to create my blog, I was thinking about using hosting or buying my own VPS. Actually, you know, I’m an IT guy, right?! I can do magic with servers and so on! That was my thinking. So for a few years, I have been using VPS as the main source of my blog hosting. It’s a freedom with much flexibility – I’m sure that many people try to justify their decision like this one. It was worked, of course, for some time! Additionally, I was using this VPS as my minefield, and I had a Discord Bot Continue reading

Kubernetes cluster in GKE – first steps

I use MacBook Pro on a daily basis, so I have no problem with Kubernetes cluster. I can just enable it in Docker for Mac configuration and then I can do almost whatever I want. If you use Linux or Windows, you can choose for example Minikube for testing purposes. But sometimes it’s not enough. There are some cases when you need something more – maybe you want to check how your application will behave in a more complex environment or just your workstation is not strong enough to run particular deployments. In such cases, Kubernetes cluster in GKE can Continue reading